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Yoga. Fitness.Travel. Food. Meditation. Vegan. Lifestyle We travel around the world & shoot creative & class based content. We appreciate you stopping by our channel and hope you can take something away with you. When we started this channel we hoped that it might help people, and in return it turned out to help us more than we ever could have imagined. ♥ Thank you... xox, Juliana & Mark* ************ ===== as we both ride upon this rock through this unexplained oblivion this blink- this time- this space. our journeys have somehow intertwined right here... and i believe it represents a miracle. because i could have been a brick layer and you could have been an ant. and even if its just for this fleeting moment. through these pixels, and our finger tips. we are fire. we are love. we are not only living, we are also alive. a bohemian soul diary* ===== ************ .

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